On behalf of my sisters, I would like to welcome you to the Zeta Iota chapter of Alpha Delta Pi!


As members of Alpha Delta Pi, we strive to uphold the values and principles that our sorority was founded on. These include scholarship, leadership, sisterhood, and service. It all began back in 1851 when six incredible women changed the world forever! These six women became the founders of the first secret society for women, the Adelphean Society, which is now known as the Alpha Delta Pi sorority.


You may have heard or seen the slogan describing Alpha Delta Pi as the “First, Finest Forever.” Well….do you know what makes us the First and Finest, Forever? Over the past two and a half years that I have been a member of Alpha Delta Pi, I have learned exactly why! Here is my theory….


Why are we the FIRST? Easy-- Alpha Delta Pi was the first ever sorority to come into existence. It was founded on May 15, 1851, at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia. The original name of the sorority was the “Adelphean Society,” and the word “Adelphean” comes from the Greek word for "sister". How cool?!


Why are we the FINEST? This one is not as simple, but is definitely easy to see if you take a look at who we are. Alpha Delta Pi is the finest sorority, built for the “the mental, moral, social, and domestic improvement of its members.” We don’t ask our members to give up anything or become something they are not when joining Alpha Delta Pi. Instead, we ask them to become more. We ask them to become the very best version of themselves that they can possibly be, and we invite them to become part of a group of women who make a promise to love each other every day. Alpha Delta Pi sisters work together to make themselves better women who stand for something bigger than themselves. They support each other and they care for one another. That is part of the whole “sorority” concept. If Alpha Delta Pi is doing the “sorority” thing right, then we’ll make you a better woman. If you’re doing everything right, then you will make us a better organization. We are the Finest because we are made up of the finest women around!


Why are we FOREVER? This one is definitely easier felt than spoken. Alpha Delta Pi provides its members with memories, friendships, skills, and lessons that will last a lifetime. Wherever you go you will find a sister to share life’s experiences with. Our sorority is more than ritual and more than a symbol. It is a way of life. Alpha Delta Pi’s are upheld to the highest of standards and molded into successful and well-rounded women that can accomplish get through, and conquer any situation in life. The bonds that are formed from our organization, connections that are made, and morals and values that are instilled are carried on by our members forever. Take a look around our website and you will see just what I mean!


Through my time here, I have realized how blessed I am to be a part of such an amazing chapter and sisterhood! The amount of support and love that my sisters have shown me since I have become President has been unbelievable and immensely heartwarming! I am absolutely loving every minute of this busy, exciting, stressful, memorable, and amazing dream that I am living. I would not trade where I am right now for anything in the whole world. It has been my goal since the day that I decided to run for President and still is to this minute, to lead as many girls as I can to love Alpha Delta Pi like I do and to help them find this same feeling of passion that is deep in my heart. This is a goal that I will never stop working towards and it is the one goal that will be the deepest in my heart forever. I hope that one day you too can experience this feeling of love and appreciation for Alpha Delta Pi because it truly is an undeniably wonderful organization!


Hannah Karel

Sister President 2019




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